Acting auditions and Acting jobs in UK, London, Manchester

Acting auditions and Acting jobs in UK


I Want To Get Into Acting And Find Auditions, How find them?

If you are interested in getting started in acting and finding auditions, then you have come to the right place. At Media Volt we list roles for all over the UK, Including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Birmingham. Click here to see our latest acting auditions.


 OK, So some tips.

Do your acting homework. Start by researching plays, acting, learning the lingo and you will put yourself ahead of others by understanding the technical terms involved. Reading plays will keep your passion ignited and your inspiration alight.


Take acting classes. There’s a lot of skills that need to be mastered by professional actors. Speech, voice, movement, stage nerves, scene study. Even with a barrel full of talent, you’ll still need to work on your stage skills to take you to the level that will win your audiences over.


You don’t have to take expensive classes, there are more economical ways to secure some acting education such as volunteering for to work in the office of an acting studio.


Mingle with the right people. Actors love to talk about their craft. Seek out some actors so that you can learn more about what’s involved and maybe even be invited along to a couple of performances.


Now it’s time to get out there, get mingling with people who are already in the industry and get your foot in the door of the acting community.  Click here to join Media Volt and start your journey today.



Acting auditions can be nerve wracking and stressful, but thousands of people successfully win parts in plays, movies and television shows every year. Here are our winning tips on acting auditions:


Prepare yourself. This is absolutely critical and is what the majority of any actor/actress’s success depends on. An audition can be compared to a job interview and preparation for it needs to be just as thorough. Find out all that you can about the part, how should it be played? Who is the director and what are they known for? Read the script and get a good feel for the character.  You should also memorise your materials. The more you prepare, the more you’ll feel in control on the day.

Stay professional. Directors prefer to work with those actors that they like and know. Don’t do anything too off the wall at the audition – but keep in mind that you can take some risks as it could be what gets you the job. Stay reserved but friendly.