You’ve Had Some Success… Now What?

You’ve Had Some Success… Now What?

For a hardworking performer, any role is a step up the ladder, but there are certain landmark jobs that finally allow you to sit back, breathe a sigh of relief and think to yourself: ‘Right – NOW this is going somewhere.’

So what should you do? Sit back and enjoy the ride? Unsurprisingly, the answer is ‘no’.

Each performer has their own definition of success, but whether you’ve been hired for a block of episodes on a Channel 4 drama, successfully auditioned for a West End show, signed a contract for a high fashion photo shoot, or committed to a tour around the UK, this role is one which should be celebrated and then quickly leveraged into something even better.

Yes, you’ve had your first taste of success, but what about the second and the third? Here’s a handy breakdown of what to do next:


Update your CV and showreel. Put this role upfront, and make very clear that it was professional. If you’re an actor, and you’ve landed your first major part in a TV series, put the name of the director, producer and production company. If you’re a dancer and you’ve been hired for your very first tour, name the choreographer and list the venues.


Next, contact any agents, managers, producers or casting directors who have expressed interest in your work. Send a polite email with your new CV or showreel, alerting them to the fact that you have moved ‘up’ a level, and encouraging them to contact you in the event of any suitable roles.


Let everyone know about it! Post links to your shows on Facebook and Twitter; you never know which friend will notice and bring your role to the attention of a producer or casting director.

A word of advice though: don’t go overboard. Only post when something new or exciting has happened (e.g. a rave review) to avoid irritating your friends and contacts by clogging up their newsfeed.


As the saying goes, ‘it’s easier to get a job when you’ve got a job’ and this is no less true for performers than it is for anyone else. You’ll need to use this first success as a springboard and convince the movers and shakers that you’re a performer who is going places. If all goes well, you should be able to line up your next success much more easily. Good luck!

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