Getting over nervousness at auditions

Date 18 February 2012 | Category: Actors | No comment

Getting that call to tell you that you have an audition is a great feeling. However following that great feeling, is one of nervousness and despair.

Why is it hard to find production work

Date 18 February 2012 | Category: Production Crew | 3 comments

As we move into a new decade, it’s come to my attention that production crew work has become increasingly hard to come across.

Fake modelling agencies

Date 18 February 2012 | Category: Models | 4 comments

In order to do well in the modelling industry, it helps to have the assistance of a modelling agency.

Persistence does pay off?

Date 18 February 2012 | Category: Music Artists | 2 comments

I often come across new bands, singers, and producers saying the same old thing: “I’ll never get a break, its all about who you know.”

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